A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA preorder discounts


As of this writing, some online sites have A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA discounted even before it comes out on June 25. I’m just the author, I have no idea why or for how long, so we’ll all hope by the time you read this the discounted prices are still available. Maybe they’ll get better?

Hardcover discounts (list price $28.00):

  1. Bookshop.org $26.04.
  2. Amazon.com $26.04.
  3. Walmart.com $24.55

Ebook discounts:

  1. Google Play $9.52.
  2. Amazon.com $9.52.
  3. AppleBooks $14.99.

Audiobook discounts:

  1. Applebooks $14.99.
  2. Audible $8.80 (US only and you must be a member.)
  3. Amazon.com $7.47 if you buy the Kindle version, also.

Target is running their B1G1 50% sale again and that includes the preorder of A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA. For Target Circle members.

Needless to say, this is a grab-it-quick situation.
Remember to request your fun sticker sheet for preordering!

Read an excerpt, the synopsis and reviews on the A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA website page.

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