Darkness Chosen Audio CD Contest

Enter a complete sets of Darkness Chosen audiobook CDs! The sets each include these full-length romantic suspense novels:

SCENT OF DARKNESSClassic romance between a secretary who hopelessly loves her boss…only to discover he’s a shapeshifter. Oops.
TOUCH OF DARKNESSA deception threatens the love between a woman determined to reveal the evil that killed her family … and the man who has shares those unholy gifts.
INTO THE SHADOWBad boy shapeshifter brought to his knees by the woman he should never love.
INTO THE FLAMEAs the Wilder family saga sweeps into its stunning climax, the only Wilder daughter realizes the lie she has lived … and discovers a love lost.

My international readers are important to me! The prize for international readers (from a country other than the United States) is a $25 Amazon gift card.

This contest ends midnight PT May 20, 2021. The winners will be picked by a randomizer. Winners will be notified by email.

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