The Cast

The Chosen Ones — seven people, abandoned at birth and given special gifts to be used for good or evil. Every seven years, a new group are chosen to use their skills to save other children like themselves from The Others. Yet they do so much more, and the newest Chosen face dramatic challenges . . .

Jacqueline Vargha — destined to be the seer for the Chosen Ones . . . but not resigned to her fate.

Aaron Eagle — a worldly and accomplished thief who has all the allure and luck of James Bond . . . and a very special talent.

Charisma Fangorn — her tattoos, purple hair, jingling bracelets and smart mouth mask her ability to hear the earth song.

Samuel Faa — a criminal lawyer who has a way of seeing the truth . . . and getting his way through any means possible.

Isabelle Mason — the adopted daughter of a distinguished Boston family . . . she hides more secrets than simply the extent of her gift.

Tyler Settles — faith healer and psychic . . . his handsome face and sharp intelligence make him a natural leader.

Aleksandr Wilder — college student, mathematics major, and son of the famed Wilders who eighteen years ago broke their family’s pact with the devil. But he has no gift, and he’s part of a loving family. Why was he put on the Chosen Ones team?

The Supporting Cast

Irving Shea — 93-year-old former director of the Gypsy Travel Agency, the cover business for the Chosen Ones.

McKenna — Irving’s butler and chauffeur.

Martha — an employee of the Gypsy Travel Agency, she has dedicated her life to the Chosen Ones and to their mission.

Vidor Davidov — brewer of beer and owner of a pub where the Chosen Ones traditionally hang out.