Do you want to know a secret?

Has this happened to you?

Me, at the airport headed to Phoenix for EVERY SINGLE SECRET autographing at the Poisoned Pen: Lock the door behind me in a toilet stall, take paper seat cover, tear it, place it on toilet, start to lower myself. Automatic flusher whisks seat cover away. … I start over.

Travel does have its exasperations. But the flight attendants on our Alaska Airline plane made it lovely! We chatted and I gave Flight Attendant Alaina and Flight Attendant Jamie signed advanced reading copies of A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA. They let me take a photo and gave me permission to share it on social media. On Facebook, we chatted about great flight attendants we’ve known and the post went viral with 5.5k likes and 21 shares! Which is seriously cool. If you fly with them, say hello for me! 😊

photo: airline attendants

You can also view the post on Instagram and TikTok.

If you’d like an early chance to read A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA (or as I like to call it, THE DAUGHTER OF ROMEO AND JULIET), Kensington Books is running not one but two giveaways! You can enter them both.

  1. They’re giving away 100 deluxe arcs on Goodreads!
  2. On the Kensington website, they’re giving away 50 deluxe arcs and a sticker sheet!

Kensington Winners

What are you going to do with a sticker sheet? I dunno…

photo: Christina showing off beautiful sticker sheet

Next: all the great stuff about the EVERY SINGLE SECRET release week!

I signed many copies of EVERY SINGLE SECRET at the Poisoned Pen to readers in the store and online readers, and yes, if you’d like an autographed copy, I signed a dozen and left them there. Call or order online. One dear reader drove in from Tucson! We ran a contest for the in person readers and the online readers who asked a question. At the store, Reader Layna won a A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA arc. She’s been to several of my signings, so that was wonderful!

Online, Reader Robbin won a A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA arc. (Yes, you’re right, there are a lot of A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA contests for arcs and stickers, another reason for you to join the Daughter of Montague mailing list!)

As usual, bookseller and reviewer John Charles asked the tough questions and we had a lot of laughs as well as a few serious moments and discussion of the writing process. You can watch the Poisoned Pen interview on YouTube or Facebook (1100 views on Facebook!) and you can listen to the Poisoned Pen interview as a podcast (although you’ll miss seeing the fabulous gold jacket which I borrowed from my daughter… Okay, since you asked, I’ll include it here.)

photo: Christina interview (in fabulous gold jacket)

After that, things got better. I know, how is that possible?

❖ “The challenging part for Rowan will be escaping Raptor Island alive before her past catches up with her. … Pair that with a vividly etched cast of characters and deliciously acerbic wit to spare, and this is another sure bet from a master at inventively mixing suspense and romance.”— ALA Booklist Magazine starred 🌠 review for EVERY SINGLE SECRET

EVERY SINGLE SECRET is one of Bookbub’s Best Mysteries and Thrillers of Spring 2024 (and easily the least scary book on this list.)

❖ Jayne Ann Krentz interviewed me about EVERY SINGLE SECRET on her Facebook page. More laughs! 1.9k views!

Plus Jayne read the opening lines:

Mr. Bandara, Helen Lamb’s first and dearest client, puttered in his kitchen, cleaning up their snack of coffee and biscotti. “I need a gardener to plant my spring flowers, the toilet is leaking, and I need an assassin to kill me.”


Interview by JAK

Even if you’re not on Facebook, you can watch a re-run here: Jayne Ann Krentz interview

There’s more, but this letter is already too long so I’ll wind down with a few of the memorable EVERY SINGLE SECRET reviews:


❖ Revenge is best served with sunscreen— Middle-of-the-nighter Amazon review (The main setting is an island.)

❖ The suspense was so bad I had to read it backwards. Read the last chapter, then the next to the last, then the one before that-you get the idea. Then went back to where I’d left off and read to the end. I haven’t done that in years. Just so good. I want Chinese Food!! — Beth L. Amazon review (When you read EVERY SINGLE SECRET, you’ll know why Beth is talking about Chinese food. 🥢)


❖ “Read it in a day, but it’s kind of ridiculous.” — V on Goodreads (😂 That’s the whole review, and um, thanks?)

DINAH ENG / Los Angeles

❖ The characters Dodd draws are intense, and the book is a page-turner. What’s most interesting, perhaps, are the discussion questions at the end of the novel. It’s rare to read a thriller that actually has thought-provoking ideas at its heart. — (Me: I wasn’t trying to be thought-provoking, sometimes it can’t be avoided.)

Finally, a review from Granddog Rocky:

photo of Rocky hiding in closet

Thank you to everyone who read EVERY SINGLE SECRET and wrote an online review or told your friends or simply enjoyed the story. I’m always thrilled when someone says my books are an auto-buy. That is the ultimate compliment.

And thank you to everyone who enters a contest for an A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA. Spring is coming, there’s much good gardening, visiting and very very busy times on the way, so happy reading!…and I’ve now been advised, when in a public restroom, to drape toilet paper over the sensor so it won’t flush prematurely.

You’re welcome.

Christina Dodd

New York Times bestselling author

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