Welcome to the world of A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA!

Welcome to the new Daughter of Montague website, created for the readers of the upcoming A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA (June 25, 2024 in hardcover, eBook and audiobook.) Here you’ll enter into the world of Rosie (“Rosaline if I’m in trouble”) Montague, oldest daughter and the result of the tumultuous union between Romeo and Juliet (rumors of their demise have been greatly exaggerated.)

You’re encouraged to examine every page, read the excerpt, the Dear Reader letter, the news stories and explore Christina Dodd’s Verona. Then go to the simple survey and let us know how you rate the website for appearance, ease of use, etc. Please use the comment box to let us know if we’ve missed some element you’d like to see on the site! If you spot any typos, we appreciate you pointing them out so they can be corrected.

As we anxiously wait for A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA to be published, there’ll be updates, contests, in-depth interviews and videos from Fair Verona itself. Come with me on this trip into the romantic, dramatic and wildly funny Daughter of Montague series. Find out why Susan Elizabeth Phillips said, “First I smiled, then I chuckled, then I laughed out loud. (A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA is) fresh, audacious, and altogether captivating.”

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