What is Christina Dodd’s A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA?

Like you, I’ve always been a voracious reader. Before I started my writing career, I would devour the beginning of a book during my lunch break at my structural design job then spend the afternoon drawing sawmills while determining how the story should end. It never ended that way and 0ften, I liked my ending better. I’m at it again with this story which asks the question: what would happen if Romeo and Juliet lived?

With A DAUGHTER OF FAIR VERONA (June 25, 2024 in hardcover, ebook and audiobook) I’m introducing Rosie Montague, Romeo and Juliet’s oldest and most competent child – the one who runs the Montague household while her parents spout poetry at each other. But Rosie has one problem in the eyes of her parents and the society of Verona. At almost twenty years old, she’s a withered spinster and, even more horrible, a virgin.

So when the wicked Duke Stephano comes to her father, Romeo, and offers to marry her with no dowry, it’s an offer no one can refuse. Rosie has managed to sidestep marriage offers since she was thirteen years old. But she could not have guessed that the only way she would avoid this marital entanglement with a notorious wife killer would be to find his dead body in the garden.

Thus begins a whirlwind of intrigue as we follow Rosie’s investigation into her fiancé’s murder and the baffling murders that follow.

Now, with the launch of the Daughter of Montague website, you can enter the world of Rosie Montague, a daughter of fair Verona, where legend and real life clash, family theatrics and humor dominate, true love rears its unwelcome head, a secret killer stalks the streets, and Rosie must put all her considerable intelligence toward solving the murders…before death lies upon her like an untimely frost.

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